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Below are the current locations where you will find the Tucumcari Talking Tour. Click on the location number for more detailed information.


   1. Del’s Restaurant

   2. Roadrunner Lodge Motel

   3. Tee Pee Curios

   4. Blue Swallow Motel

   5. Motel Safari

   6. La Cita Mexican Restaurant

   7. Desert Inn Hotel

   8. Tucumcari Historic Museum

   9. High Street Church

 10. Tucumcari Railroad Museum

 11. Odeon Theatre

 12. Quay County Courthouse

       (Matador Mural)

 13. Legendary Road Mural


 14. Tucumcari Chamber of


 15. Pow Wow Restaurant

 16. NM Route 66 Museum

Map - Tucumcari Talking Tour.png